Privacy policy and Customisation of Firefox on Windows 10 @ PESIT BSC

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority. 

Freedom matters , so does privacy “.

Taking this motto forward , the Firefox club of PESIT BSC hosts it’s first event this year on Privacy policy and Customisation of Firefox on Windows 10.

The event was kick started by our first speaker Abhiram , the Regional Ambassador and a proud Mozillian’s talk on Mozilla’s mission. Starting off with a formal introduction to the club and it’s past events, he discussed Mozilla as an integral part of the FOSS world and its mission to promote openness , innovation and opportunity on the open web,followed by a brief discussion about the 4 freedoms we live by, as laid down by Free Software Foundation.


In the later half of his talk , he demoed on installing Firefox on a Windows 10 platform, also showcasing how to make it default.

(Step by step guide :

He concluded his talk by sharing his own contribution story with the participants.

Our second speaker for the day was Abhinav , who rose awareness on “ what is net neutrality “ and how does it affect a common web user heavily. The talk was more like an open discussion and ended with highlighting Mozilla’s role in supporting net neutrality ,briefing the participants about its petition and its mission on building an open web .


Our next speaker , Bhoomika’s talk was on privacy and how using Mozilla Firefox makes you smarter on privacy issues. Starting off with a very general question , “How many of you have nothing to hide ?”, she went on to explain what privacy really is, it’s importance and how is it being violated without the knowledge of a common web user. In the second half , she discussed the privacy features of Firefox like Light beam,Duck Duck Go and the Forget button,convincing the participants that one is in a better control of their privacy when one switches to Firefox.


Next speaker was Sharath ,whose talk was on customization of Firefox on Windows 10 .Starting off with explaining how Cortona (Windows 10 new personal assistant) searches are moved to Firefox Google or Bing,when Firefox is the default browser,he went on to demonstrate Tab preview options. Followed by a brief talk on how to change your resolution in Windows 10 with Firefox and quickly peeping into a few add-ons ,he makes way for our final speaker of the day.


Closing off for the day,our last speaker Amjad ,a long time Mozillian’s talk was on Firefox’s web developer tools. Starting off with demonstrating how to access these tools, Inspector was the first tool he demoed. Showing how the “inspect element” tool can be used to change the HTML/CSS of any page, with changes being reflected live ! Next up was Web console,which executes the JavaScript code of a page,followed by Style editor which allows the user to edit all the CSS styles in a page. Last but quite important was Network Monitor , which shows you all the network requests Firefox makes, how long each request takes and the details of each request. With this he concludes his talk , hoping to inspire all the wannabe web developers in the house !


The last part of our event was Q/A and yeah , who could forget the “swag” we gave away to our participants :p.


And hence, we call it a day !