FSMK Camp’16 @SIT Tumkur

“Give what you possess, that’s the beauty of life. And if it has to be done, take the responsibility to do it ” —Pearls of wisdom.

“Yeah. Nice line πŸ˜› “. This is exactly what I thought when I signed up for volunteering at camp’16. I would like to keep this short .My journey with FSMK began at Camp’15 . I was a participant then , and seeing how different and marvellous the environment was, the people were , I became an active member. This year I returned as a volunteer. Initially I was quite reluctant , thinking whether am I fit for this or not . But seeing it as an awesome opportunity to get away from college (yes,I am a loafer and I couldn’t care less πŸ˜› ) , I signed up and got in.

The camp this year, was in Tumkur, a district few kilometres away from Bangalore. When I got there, I was kinda disappointed looking at the facilities.The hostel was quite traditional. No buckets, not so good food (or is it just me ? ) , Indian toilets ( yes , that would very much concern me πŸ˜› ). But somehow I had to gear up for the next day after a long journey (so I slept off with a frowny face 😦 ). I met the participants the next day, seeing girls as a majority, I was now glad that I was here. Web Front end ( yeah ,I was a volunteer for that)Β  might seem not so hard, but it is hard when you start to figure things the first time. In the participants I saw ME, the exact same face at camp’15 , not knowing what to do , where to go , who to ask for help!. That exact same feeling , I was quite familiar with. I tried my best to help out and tried to make sure they got comfortable with me (yes, this is very important and I am quite familiar with this feeling as well πŸ˜› ). Last two days were the most amazing ones. Abhinav Jha, Farhaan , Ram thank you for the amazing talks. The camera man, Rakesh, Shijil, my amazing co-volunteers , the camp leads and everyone who did their part for the camp. I can’t help myself , but I have to mention the flash mob by the girls. That was one of the most amazing moments for me.

So yeah , like I said I would keep it short , that’s pretty much it . The FSMK camp’16 , where I spoke a little too much, got out of my so called “comfort zone” for a while , almost became a zombie,made amazing friends and learned to strike with precision,was pretty amazing. So , yeah , until next year, if they would have me πŸ˜› .






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